Stasis3D is a creative architectural visualizations studio that specializes in bringing projects to life through state-of-the-art, computer generated visual media. It is based in Athens, Greece, providing services to a broad international clientele of architects, interior designers, developers and real estate professionals.

We create captivating 3D architectural renderings, animations and VR panoramas for a wide range of project types and applications. Our imagery adds value and unleashes the full potential of every project we are commissioned for, complementing the design proposal and driving a successful marketing strategy.

The studio is dedicated to consistently providing both final products and client services of the highest caliber. Adaptability to the context of each project, effective communication and adherence to the time frame are the core principles of our approach. These have allowed us to build a solid reputation over the years and to establish long term business relationships with our clients.

Dimitris Stasis has been pursuing mastery in architectural visualizations since 2001. He is a licensed architect (NTUA 1999), running his architectural office in conjunction with his visualizations work. He strongly believes in the constant evolution of his expressive means and is always keen on exploring new ways of communicating architectural visions.
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